Business Rates FAQs

Annual Bills

What date will I receive my annual bill?

Non-Domestic Rates Annual Bills will be issued on 12 April 2023 offering the instalments from 1 May 2023 to 1 February 2024. 

Why have you sent me a bill that is incorrect?

Due to changes in Scottish Government legislation, our software needs to be changed to accurately bill all ratepayers. The software is not ready yet which means there has been no opportunity for Local Authorities to implement the changes prior to annual billing. We have therefore taken the decision to issue all annual bills so that customers have some information available to them.

Customers whose liability we know is not fully correct will receive a separate letter from us, in advance of their annual bill, giving them an indication of what we think their true liability is. We have done this so that businesses can start making payments as soon as possible to keep their monthly payments as low as possible.

If you are a ratepayer that did not receive a letter this means that your annual bill is correct, and the quoted instalments should be made as detailed.

Why has my Business Rates bill changed?

This may be due to many things, such as;

  • a change in your rateable value
  • a change to the thresholds applicable to the poundage rate this year
  • you received a relief last year that has not been applied to your account this year
  • software issues, meaning we cannot correctly reflect your entitlement to Transitional Relief or Small Business Bonus.  

Information on the April 2023 changes can be found here

If you still need information on why your bill has changed contact us.

If you need to apply for a reduction, see our Business Rates charges FAQs.

What is Transitional Relief?

Transitional Relief (TR) is a scheme introduced by Scottish Government as a way of reducing some of the increased liability resulting from the revaluation and legislative changes. There are 3 schemes coming in from 2023/24. Entitlement to the general TR scheme will be automatically added to ratepayers' accounts once the software becomes available. The further two schemes, Small Business Bonus TR and Park TR must be claimed by ratepayers and more information on these can be found here.

I disagree with my bill?

If your dispute is in relation to your new rateable value, queries regarding this should be directed to the Assessor.

If your dispute relates to any reliefs, exemptions, liability, how and when to pay or any billing matter, these can be answered by Customer Advice and Support Service

I am worried about the amount of Rates I have to pay.  Is the amount due correct and what should I do?

Contact Customer Advice and Support to let us know why you are concerned, and we will get back in touch with you to discuss it.

Why don't have an Understanding my Council Tax/Business Rates leaflet with my bill?

All the information that was on the leaflet is now available online.

If you require a paper copy of the document, contact us with your request.