Self directed support

Direct payments

What is a direct payment?

This is the sum of money you will receive instead of us arranging services for you. It is for people who would like more flexibility, choice and control over their support so that they can live more independently.

If you receive a direct payment you will be in charge of the arrangements, although you may wish to have support from family or friends, or to pay for this from an appropriate agency.

You can also choose to organise some of your support through a direct payment and have other services arranged for you by us.

How do I receive a direct payment?

Payments are made monthly in advance. There are three ways you can choose to receive these payments:

  1. Direct Payment Prepaid Card
  2. New bank account specifically set up by you for your direct payment.
  3. Encompass can receive and manage your direct payment on your behalf (Third Party Banking).

Support from Encompass

Encompass has been providing independent advice, information and support for people using a direct payment since 1999. This includes helping people to recruit, manage and organise their own staff by offering a range of services to enable them to live independently.

More information is available from the Encompass website or by phoning 01896 759700.

More information

If you would like to explore the direct payment option, please speak to the named worker who is co-ordinating your care package. 

If you have recently received a letter from us about direct payments, you can also phone 0300 100 1800 (Option 6) to speak to a Customer Services Advisor. You can also fill out our online enquiry form and we will get back to you once we receive your query.

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