Youth Parliament

Scottish Youth Parliament election process

How does an SYP election run?

An official announcement is made that the Scottish Youth Parliament Elections will be held on a specific date.

Registration is opened for young people to express their interest to stand for election in their local constituency or for a voluntary organisation such as the Guides or LGBT. Registration is open for a given period and we keep you up to date as to when the deadline will be with media announcements.

Once the expression of interest phase closes, we gather all the names of the young people and invite them to attend a welcome and training sesison locally. At this point young people will get more information about what the role of an MSYP involves. Young people can then decide if they want to continue standing or if they want to withdraw.

After some training we then run the camapign stage where the young people standing campaign to be elected. This may be through social media, posters, talks at school or any other original way. We also hold hustings so that other young people in their constituency can get to ask them questions such as, why are you standing to be an MSYP? or what will you do about transport if you are elected?

Once the campaign stage has ended we hold the official elections during a two week period. The Scottish Youth Parliament uses the single transferable voting system (watch an example of how it works). You and all the other young people aged 12-25 will be able to cast your vote using one of two methods depending on the chosen method of your county, paper ballots or online voting using your Young Scot card. All information about voting will be shared near the time of an election.

In the Scottish Borders we have three representatives two MSYPs represent Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire and one MSYP represnts Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale. So when all the votes are counted and we have our three winning MSYP elects we hold an official announcement to let al the candidates know the results. This usually takes place in Council Chambers with councillors, members of your family and friends you invite. After the announcement the three new MSYPs are still MSYP elects until the next Youth Parliament sitting when the previous MSYPs stand down.

MSYPs are supported through their time in office by a support worker who will work with them to attend sittings, hold meetings, consult with their constituents and much more. 

So if you are interested in standing as our next MSYP get in touch. No need to wait until the next elections, as we welcome people to get involved early on by supporting the current MSYPs and learning more about the role.

More information

  • contact Scottish Bordres Youth Voice by email
  • visit SYP website