Child rights

Child rights A to Z

The Scottish Borders Youth Voice Child Rights Group has created an A-Z all about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). This group of young people, aged 13-18 years old, meet weekly to develop approaches which will promote the UNCRC to their peers and adults within the Scottish Borders.

The group also developed a Child Rights Ambassador programme for school pupils in the region.

One of the resources they have created is the following A-Z:

  • All children have rights
  • Because children's rights matter to us
  • Child rights group promotes these rights
  • Danger and harm is prevented by having rights
  • Every child has the to right to a name and nationality
  • Families support and protect our rights
  • Governments has responsibility to protect and promote our rights
  • Home should be a place of safety for all children
  • Include children and young people when making decisions
  • Just let us be heard
  • Know about your rights as children and young people
  • Learn to respect the rights of others
  • Most countries in the word are signed up to the UNCRC
  • Nobody can kidnap you
  • Opportunities for rest and play are protected by article 31 of the convention
  • Protection, Promotion, Prevention, and Participation is what our rights are about
  • Quiet is not what children and young people were meant to be
  • Rights mean equality
  • Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People protects our rights
  • Talk about your rights and your responsibilities
  • United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is an international law
  • Value these rights as they are yours too
  • We believe that all children should be protected from discrimination
  • X-tra rights are not applied to anyone
  • You have the right to an education
  • Zero to 18 years, these rights apply to you

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