Additional support

Additional support needs tribunals

The Additional Support for Learning Act established Additional Support Needs Tribunals to hear cases involving children and young people who face barriers to learning.

What type of appeal will the tribunal consider?

Appeals (references) can be made by parents and young people against decisions of education authorities regarding the provision of educational support. This includes:

  • decisions the education authority has made about Co-ordinated Support Plans (CSP)
  • certain placing request refusals
  • failure to provide the additional support specified in a CSP
  • failure to carry out their planning duties before young people leave school

They will also in certain circumstances hear references about placing requests and from March 2011, have considered appeals (claims) based on discrimination because of disability.

Generally, referrals with regard to a refused placing request may be made only once in each year, unless changes have been made to a child's CSP.

The education authority must carry out the Tribunal's decision, and the Tribunal has the power to make sure this happens.

What if we disagree with the tribunal's decision?

If a parent/carer or the education authority disagrees with the Tribunal's decision on a point of law, an appeal can be made to the Court of Session.

Can I get independent advice?

A free, independent advocacy service is available on request if you are making or are considering making a reference to the Tribunal.

Find out more

For more information, ask to speak with the CSP Co-ordinator in your school.

Visit Additional Support Needs Tribunals for Scotland website