Website redesign project

We asked for your feedback on our website redesign project.

We asked

In May 2015, we tested the proposed structure of our new website with you using a paper based exercise. We asked how easy or difficult it was for you to find web pages and complete tasks, for example, to make a freedom of information request or apply for empty property relief.

We amended the structure of our new website following your feedback and began a second round of consultation in February 2016. We tested the amended structure with you using a development version of our new website.

We also asked:

  • Was there any information missing from the website?
  • Was the information easy to understand?
  • Was the text and layout clear?
  • What do you think of the new design?
  • Do you have any other comments?

We consulted with a variety of different groups across the Borders during this time, including:

  • blind and partially sighted people
  • contact centre users
  • Eildon Housing staff
  • hard of hearing and deaf people
  • library users
  • NHS Borders staff
  • older adults
  • our staff
  • people from deprived areas
  • people with learning disabilities
  • physically disabled people
  • rail and bus commuters
  • young people

You said

We talked with 243 people during February 2016.

  • 87.2% of people found the information they were looking for
  • 55.9% found the information very easy to find
  • 21.3% found the information easy to find
  • 7.4% found the information quite easy to find
  • 3.2% found the information difficult to find
  • 0.4% found the information very difficult to find
  • 59.6% could complete the task associated with the topic
  • 16.4% thought information was missing from the website
  • 80.6% thought the information was easy to understand with no jargon
  • 84.3% thought the text and layout was clear and easy to view

The quantity of information on the website was:

  • Not enough – 9%
  • Just right – 74%
  • Too much – 0.8%

We did

  • we amended our website structure following feedback received during testing in May 2015
  • we further improved our website structure following feedback received during February 2016
  • we added more pages to our A to Z of services to make information easier to find
  • we added supplements and links to certain web pages to make information easier to find
  • we added information that you said was missing
  • we reviewed all web pages, removed unnecessary information, and updated the page content where necessary

Want to know more?

 For further information, please contact the Web Team.