Parental involvement policy refresh 2015

Parental Involvement Policy Refresh 2015

We asked

The old policy was updated to reflect changes in education, the use of current technology and the recommendations from our self-evaluation on Parental Involvement. We asked for your views on the draft policy.

You said

  • 15 detailed responses were received from:
    • three parent councils
    • five individual parents
    • three education stakeholder groups
    • four schools on behalf of pupils
  • you like the recognition the new policy gives to the importance of parents in their children’s education
  • you like the examples of how schools can communicate with parents about their children’s learning
  • you raised concerns about the following:
    • who to contact when parents have a concern
    • parent councils being asked to evidence the wider parent forum view to justify the allocation of resources
    • when and how parent councils will be asked to evidence work they are doing to encourage parental involvement

We did

We have:

  • changed the first point of contact for parental concerns
  • removed the need for parent councils to evidence that their request for resources is a widely held view of the parent forum
  • implemented most suggested changes of wording for clarity
  • agreed to provide a framework for parent councils to evidence their progress in implementing the policy

The Parental Involvement in Schools Policy 2015 was approved in January 2015 and work continues to support the implementation of the policy.