Land use strategy pilot project

We asked

We asked for your views on the Land Use Strategy pilot regional Land Use Framework as part of the Scottish Borders Land Use Strategy pilot project.

You said

  • 30 responses were received
  • 28 of these were made via the online questionnaire

We did

  • considered all consultation responses received
  • produced a summary report identifying the main points raised
  • submitted the summary report and all individual consultation responses to Scottish Government as part of the final reporting on the pilot project
  • the consultation feedback has helped inform a follow programme of work in Phase 2 of the pilot in 2015-16, funded by Scottish Government. This programme includes embedding Land Use Strategy principles and making use of outputs in informing our programmes and for Tweed Forum a programme of further evaluation of the mapping tool and establishing a local catchment partnership.
  • the mapping tool is being developed by ourselves as an application to go on our Find It web-mapping service