Health and Social Care Integration – A conversation with you

We asked

From April to June 2015, we asked if you have had an experience of health and/or social care services that you thought we should know about, where things need to be done better and whether you agreed with the local objectives.

You said

You said the plan needs to be clear about what is being done to achieve each objective.

Your top three priorities:

  1. improved support for carers
  2. access to services 24/7 across the area
  3. early intervention

We did

For each objective we set out what we intend to do to meet that objective and the changes that you can expect to see.

We added another local objective:

  • we want to improve support for carers to keep them healthy and able to continue in their caring role

We set up a group to oversee the development of planning for services in each of the five localities in the Borders:

  • Berwickshire
  • Cheviot
  • Eildon
  • Teviot and Liddesdale
  • Tweeddale

Health and social care integration team

Telephone: 0300 100 1800