Annual taxi fares review 2016-17

We asked for your comments on the proposed taxi fares for 2016-17

We asked

We, as licensing authority are required to review the scales for fares and other charges in connection with the hire of a taxi at least every 18 months. The last review took place in 2014-15.

A formula is used to calculate any changes in fares. It was proposed that taxi fares remain unchanged for 2016-17 and that no changes were made to other charges, such as waiting time, unsocial hours criteria, valeting charge.

You said

All licensed taxi operators were written to in June 2016 and invited to comment on the proposals. Four face to face meetings were arranged across the Borders which were attended by six taxi operators. Two operators responded by email.

Seven of those who responded to the consultation agreed with the proposal that taxi fares remained unchanged. One respondent proposed a new formula for calculating taxi fares and a new charge tariff but accepted the proposal when advised that the formula was not currently under review.

Public notices were pushed following the consultation with taxi operators. No responses were received from the public.

We did

Taxi fares remained unchanged. The next review of taxi fares will take place in 18 months.