Local development plan two background

Main Issues Report

The Main Issues Report (MIR) is a forerunner to Local Development Plan two (LDP2) and sought to encourage public engagement and comments on a wide range of matters. Consultation on the MIR took place between November 2018 and January 2019.

What the MIR does

The MIR identifies key development and land use issues which the LDP2 must address, setting out what are considered to be our preferred options for tackling these issues. This includes the identification of new sites for future development and suggesting reasonable alternatives.

It raises a series of questions and options for each topic area. Key topics within the MIR include:

  • regenerating our town centres
  • housing land provision
  • delivery of infrastructure
  • addressing climate change
  • employment land provision
  • promotion of quality building design
  • opportunities for growing our economy

Public engagement events

The public engagement on the MIR included a series of ten drop-in sessions and seven workshops across the Scottish Borders, during the consultation period.

Consultation Responses to the Main Issues Report

The responses received are currently being considered by Officers and these responses will help guide the production of the LDP2. Summaries of the responses received can be viewed using the link below entitled Summaries of all Main Issues Report Consultation Responses. Each contributor has been assigned a number and the full redecated submissions can be viewed using the link below entitled MIR Consultation Responses.

Next steps

The LDP2 will represent our settled view and will be subject to public consultation. Neighbour notification letters will also be sent out at that stage. Should we receive objections to the LDP2 that are not resolved they will be sent to the Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA) of the Scottish Government. An Examination would then be conducted by an appointed Scottish Government Reporter into any unresolved objections to the LDP2.

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