Newtown Primary School pupils show the Force of Art

Published: 11th June 2024

Learners of all ages from Newtown Primary School will be sharing original artwork inspired by forces in science in two special exhibitions taking place later this month in the Scottish Borders

Appearing first at the Newtown Community Wing, Newtown St Boswells on Wednesday 19 June from 9am through to 4.30pm, with a second exhibition being hosted by the Great Tapestry of Scotland in Galashiels between Friday 21 and Sunday 23 June.

Throughout the project, pupils developed many transferable skills, project-managing and working collaboratively to come up with ideas, source second-hand materials and make their art.

Mrs Hume, Teacher at Newtown Primary School and organiser of the exhibition

This is a very exciting project that has taken months of planning and preparation. We are delighted with the final exhibits which pull together different threads of learning across the curriculum, linking art, science, environmental issues, as well as nurture and wellbeing”.

“All the items that will be displayed are the result of fantastic groupwork from nursery to outdoor learning groups and reflect our school vision: ‘believe and you can achieve”.

Primary 3 pupil Frankie Pringle

“I liked how the whole class was included and did super-duper teamwork”.

Her friend Lucy Thin added that they also made a difference to the environment: “We used litter in our art so it doesn’t end up in a drain and kill animals”.

Learning about recycling was an important part of the process for Mariana Lyon (P7)

“I liked how we’ve been creative with magazines, not wasting anything, reusing paper in our art.”

Callum Black, Marketing and Events Officer, The Great Tapestry of Scotland

"The Great Tapestry of Scotland is thrilled to host the Newtown Primary School Art Exhibition, 'The Force of Art.' We are excited to showcase the extraordinary creativity and thoughtful exploration of important themes by these talented young artists. This exhibition not only highlights the students' artistic skills but also promotes vital messages about sustainability and community engagement. We invite everyone to come and be inspired by the innovative ways these pupils have turned waste into art, raising awareness and inspiring change in the Scottish Borders."