Digital recycling toolkit launches across the Scottish Borders

Published: 5th June 2024

We have launched a brand-new suite of digital tools designed to make it even easier for Borderers to stay on top of their waste and recycling.

New online tools to help residents recycle more and reduce waste 

The Scottish Borders Recycles online waste & recycling portal, and accompanying app (coming soon) are being introduced as part of a one-year trial and will help residents:

  • Search by item to help you get the right stuff in the right bin
  • Stay up to date on all your collections and recycling information
  • Sign up for collection reminders
  • Register for timely updates relating to collections and disruptions to collections e.g bad weather
  • Play the ‘Recycling Challenge’ game and improve your recycling knowledge

The new digital tools have been introduced to make it easier for residents to reduce waste, increase recycling and easily find out information about their collections all in one place.

Helping residents recycle more 

Their introduction follows on from a 2022 waste & recycling survey undertaken by SBC where 53% of respondents said they had thrown items in their general waste bin because they were unsure if it could be recycled.

View & download your collection calendar, check which items can be recycled, play our waste sorting game

Residents are able to input their address to receive details specific to their location including viewing collection days and searching what items can and cannot be recycled at the kerbside.

The in-app feature, once available, will also allow residents to receive notifications direct to their devices regarding important service updates including information on missed and rescheduled collections.

One important feature of the online platform and app is the recycling checking tool, which allows residents to search for hundreds of different products to help identify where and how items and packaging should be disposed of. This will help to increase recycling rates and reduce contamination where items are disposed of in the wrong bin.

A fun and informative recycling game has also been created to help educate residents about what items can and cannot be recycled locally.

A mobile app for both Apple and Android devices will be available to download in the coming weeks with further details to be made through SBC’s social media channels.

The online digital waste & recycling management tool is now available to use and can be accessed here.

Ross Sharp-Dent, Waste & Passenger Transport Manager:

“In an effort to increase our recycling levels and reduce any unnecessary waste, bringing all the most important and relevant waste and recycling information together in one digital toolkit will make it easier for Borderers to stay on top of their collections and ensure the right things are going into the right bins.

“Research has shown that 75% of what goes in the average general waste bin could be recycled. Through this one-year trial we can help to lower this number by educating and informing residents around what can and cannot be recycled whilst helping them manage their collections more efficiently. 

“We want to build on our reputation as being one of the leading Councils in Scotland for recycling rates and the new digital tools launched today will help us along on that journey.”