Ballot rescheduled for Coldingham Community Council election

Published: 25th October 2023

The ballot due to take place for the Coldingham Community Council election on Tuesday 24 October has been rescheduled to ensure greater accessibility for those wanting to take part

The ballot will now be held on Monday 6 November 2023 between 2.00pm and 7.00pm in the Coldingham Village Hall.

Each voter will be entitled to 10 votes. The 10 seats will be filled by the 10 candidates with the highest number of votes.

The votes will be counted on Tuesday 7 November in Council Headquarters, Newtown St Boswells.

The candidates standing for Coldingham Community Council are as follows:

Philippa Allan

Christopher Anderson

Robert Broomfield

Fiona Clift

Jack Eeley

Alice Fisher

Rhona Goldie

Carol Hallows

David Hood


Eleanor Phillips

Krishna Ramcharran

Jennifer Sutton

Dawn Tait

Richard Thomas

David Thomson

Karen Thomson

Ethne Turnbull

Peter White

Gary Wilson

Norman Wood

Any enquiries regarding the election can be made to: