Donations made to local charities on behalf of individuals undertaking a community payback order

Published: 14th June 2023

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Donation to the Lavender Touch by the Unpaid Work Team

Donations have been made to local charities by our Unpaid Work Team on behalf of individuals who are undertaking a community payback order with unpaid work by the court.

The Lavender Touch and Cash for Kids have benefitted from the proceeds of seasonal gifts sold at festive markets towards the end of last year, with the items having been produced by individuals subject to reparative unpaid work.

Councillor Tom Weatherston, Executive Member for Social Work and Community Enhancement

"Producing items for sale at festive markets is just one of a wide range of projects that are co-ordinated by the Justice Services team for offenders across the Borders, and I am delighted that in this case we have also been able to make donations to these extremely worthwhile charities.”

Kirsty Dunlop, Trustee for The Lavender Touch

“The Lavender Touch is very grateful to receive this donation from the programme and thank those involved for choosing our charity as one of the beneficiaries. Your fundraising will help us support those living with cancer in the Scottish Borders.”

Carly Mackenzie, Charity Manager for Cash for Kids

“A huge thank you the Scottish Borders Justice Service for their support. In today’s current climate it’s heart breaking to think that up to 20 percent of children in the Borders live in poverty; that’s one in five potentially living without the most basic essentials. Support like this allows us to continue doing what we can to make sure these children have access to essentials such as food, clothes and toiletries.”

Could the Unpaid Work Team support your project?

Councillor Weatherston added: “The Unpaid Work Team is always keen to hear about new opportunities that might be suitable for them to support.

"Examples of the type of work they undertake include the manufacture of items such as picnic tables, planters, benches and items for schools, upkeep and construction of paths and fences, helping community groups with community gardens and allotment sites and assisting with community responses to weather events such as flooding and snow clearing.

“If you’re a not-for-profit organisation, charity, community group or social enterprise, they would welcome you getting in touch to see if your project might be one they could consider.”

To find out more, visit the Unpaid Work Programme pages of our website. The team can also be contacted at: or on 01896 664140.

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