Pingo on-demand transport service extended until 2024

Published: 2nd March 2023

The Pingo on-demand transport service which has been running throughout Berwickshire over the last year has been extended until 2024.

Pilot extended after encouraging uptake 

Additional funding has been allocated within the Council’s 2023-24 budget to extend the pilot scheme following a positive first 11 months which saw encouraging levels of uptake.

The service enables residents to access transport on-demand in areas which are not serviced by public transport routes.

Since its introduction in May 2022, almost 9,500 journeys have been made on Pingo with the service on track to exceed 12,000 journeys by the end of March.

Run in conjunction with operator Borders Buses and the Workforce Mobility Project, Pingo has made a particularly positive impact in helping key demographics access transport. Around 40% of all trips recorded have been from users aged 22 or under.

Extension will allow further development of the DRT model 

With funding for the pilot scheme secured for another year, all relevant partners will work to further develop and refine the DRT model, using feedback from passengers and the usage data already captured to create a more efficient and useful service.

Councillor Jenny Linehan, Executive Member for Environment and Transport:

“It’s extremely positive news that the Pingo DRT service has been extended for another year and as a result Berwickshire residents can continue to benefit from improved transport options.

“As demonstrated by the high usage figures within the first year, the service has proven to be extremely popular, helping supplement existing transport links and providing greater flexibility to those who can’t access buses very easily.

“Whether it is helping young people socialise, transporting commuters to and from their work or providing older people with a more convenient method of travel, Pingo is a service that can benefit all ages.”