Details for February Peebles High School engagement sessions confirmed

Published: 27th January 2023

A drop-in engagement session focusing on the designs for the new Peebles High School building will take place on Thursday 2 February at the Eastgate Theatre between the hours of 4-6pm.

Drop-in session open for members of the community

Members of the school community and the wider public can attend the session at any time during the two-hour window and can speak directly to  members of our planning team who are working on the ongoing design development of the new school.

Session to focus on six key themes

This session will focus on six key themes relating to the project - learning models, capacity and roll assumptions, assembly/performance areas, detailed layouts and models, equalities and delivery & programme.

There will also be an opportunity to record comments and leave feedback on the designs.

Additional engagement sessions have been planned with key stakeholders including community council and parent council members to showcase the designs for the new school in more detail and improve awareness and understanding of some of the key decisions taken so far on the project. 

Councillor Leagh Douglas, Executive Member for Education & Lifelong Learning:

 “The Council are committed to delivering a state-of-the-art replacement school which will facilitate the delivery of a high-quality education for students.

“Throughout this design process public engagement has played an extremely important part in helping shape the overall look and feel of the new facility and this further engagement session offers another opportunity for the community to view the plans again in their current state.

“It will also provide opportunity for Council Officers to explain the rationale behind the decision making and answer any questions members of the public may have so I would strongly urge anyone with an interest in this project to attend one of the advertised sessions.”