Further engagement sessions on Peebles High School replacement building to take place across Tweeddale

Published: Friday, 20th January 2023

A series of further engagement sessions regarding the replacement of Peebles High School are to take place across various locations in February.

Further sessions in February 

Sessions have been planned to improve awareness and understanding within the community about what the project is delivering and to allow members of the public to speak directly with our Officers who are working on the ongoing design development of the new school.

Events will be held on Thursday 2 February at the Eastgate Theatre and Monday 6th February at the West Linton Graham Institute and Innerleithen Memorial Hall.

Multiple sessions will be held on each day at each location to ensure as many people as possible from the school community are able to access the sessions and provide their feedback.

Focus of the sessions

These sessions will focus on six key themes relating to the project - learning models, capacity and roll assumptions, assembly/performance areas, detailed layouts and models, equalities and delivery & programme.

Further details on the timings and content of each session will be published early next week.

Further information about the project 

Further information about the Peebles High School replacement building can be found on the SBC website outlining all the major decisions taken on this project since a replacement building was announced in 2018.

This includes details of the strategic vision for the project, the rationale behind the design of the building, the community engagement undertaken throughout along with the forecasted timescales and budget for the completion of the project.