We are seeking feedback on Council Plan

Published: Wednesday, 18th January 2023

A public consultation inviting comments from people who live and work in the Borders to help shape the next Council Plan which will be launched in February

Information gathered during our summer engagement sessions and Place-Making workshops undertaken during 2022 have helped shaped the current draft plan. But we are seeking feedback from across the area from those who may not have had the opportunity to attend these sessions.

The Consultation offers Borderers the opportunity to read the draft Plan; take part in a survey sharing their opinion on the vision, priorities and actions, and to submit their views.

Euan Jardine, Leader of the Council

“Given the impact the Plan will have on our communities the Council recognise how important it is to seek the views of those living and using the services in the Borders.  

“The Consultation is a valuable way to gather the views of individuals, understand their needs and determine whether the Plan can successfully meet future challenges in the Borders, and support our shared ambition to make the best of opportunities.

“I would encourage anyone with an interest in their community to take part in the Consultation before the closing date, this is the public’s opportunity to help shape the final Plan.”  

The two-week Consultation was launched on Monday 16 January and will be open for comment until Monday 30 January. The survey can be accessed online

A report on the findings of the Consultation will be taken back to Council for their consideration.