Review of Council’s public transport offering seeks public feedback

Published: 13th June 2022

We are undertaking a review of our public transport network and are encouraging members of the public to provide their views to help inform future changes.

Consultation now live

A consultation is now live seeking the views of public transport users across the Borders region to help us better understand the different demands for bus services across the region whilst also identifying areas where services could be altered.

The survey aims to gain a broader understanding of the reasons why people use public transport, identify any barriers to using it more often and the factors that would influence them to use it more frequently in the future. 

It will form part of a wider transport network review being undertaken and is aimed at people who currently use public transport, as well as those not currently using it.

The survey is available online and can be accessed here. 

Councillor Jenny Linehan, Executive Member for Environment & Transport:

“Improving the range of public transport on offer to all Borderers is a key strategic priority for the Council and this public survey is a crucial step in reassessing our services.

“By completing the online form and telling us your travel habits, you will help give us a greater understanding of how our public transport services are used across our many towns and villages.

“This is crucial to allow us to identify areas for improvement and I’d encourage people of all ages to engage with the consultation.

“Whether you use public transport on a regular basis or rarely ever, the insights we will gain from this survey will be crucial to improving our services in the future to better serve our residents.”