Avian Influenza guidance

Published: 10th June 2022

We are working with partner agencies following reports of dead seabirds in Scottish coastal areas.

We have been made aware that a few dead birds have been found on beaches in the Scottish Borders although we have not encountered the numbers listed by East Lothian. It has been confirmed that birds found in East Lothian are testing positive for Avian Influenza H5N1.

Anyone finding dead birds either on the beach or in any other area should follow the guidance below:

  • don’t pick up or touch dead or sick wild birds
  • keep pets/dogs away from any dead or sick birds
  • don't feed wild waterfowl
  • don't touch wild bird feathers or surfaces contaminated with wild bird droppings
  • if you keep poultry or other birds, wash your hands and clean and disinfect your footwear before tending to your birds

Please report any dead wild waterfowl to DEFRA's hotline: 03459 335577. 

Please do pass on any sightings of dead birds to us via email PLACEhealth@scotborders.gov.uk 

Information to include is the number of dead birds and where you saw them, giving the best description as possible, using the what3words App will give an accurate location.

If you find a live but ailing bird call SSPCA 03000 999 999.

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