Current and future electric vehicle use and charging to be put under the spotlight

Published: 13th May 2022

Electric vehicle plugged into a public charging point

Consultation and engagement is currently underway to look at electric vehicle use and charging infrastructure in the Borders, with residents, organisations and businesses encouraged to take part.

In the Scottish Borders the approach to electric vehicle charging has so far been fragmented and delivered through ourselves, forward thinking community groups and businesses, and individuals making use of government funding.

This has developed small pockets of electric vehicle use across the region and a relatively limited supply of publicly accessible charging points.

Assessment underway

We are now undertaking a regional, cross-sector assessment of supply, demand, and commercial opportunities to create a strategic delivery model for electric vehicle charging infrastructure for the future. 

The way that charging infrastructure is being funded through Scottish Government is changing and the region requires to attract private investment for the expansion of our infrastructure.  Therefore the aim of the survey is to identify future charging demand that will create commercial opportunities for electric vehicle charging investment, supporting the growth of the network.

If the future demand can be grouped and marketed together to maximise private investment opportunities this would therefore minimise future expenditure for the public sector, individual businesses and residents.

Net Zero target

We have agreed a Climate Change Route Map aimed at setting the Scottish Borders on a path to ‘net zero’ by 2045, in which the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced do not exceed what is absorbed naturally or through technology.

Changes to travel habits and more sustainable travel choices, such as the use of electric vehicles by ourselves, business and residents, will play their part in helping to reach this goal.

To enable this to be a reality, and to ensure the right infrastructure is available, a better understanding is needed of how demand for electric vehicles is likely to grow, how the electricity grid can cater for the demand, and how the infrastructure can be equitably delivered across the whole of the Scottish Borders.

Play #YourPart

Over the course of May and June we are reaching out to relevant stakeholders across the Scottish Borders to consult on the project. If you would like to be involved in this consultation, please visit to undertake an online survey and register your interest.