Scottish Borders first to declare council election results

Published: Friday, 6th May 2022

We were the first to declare results in Scotland’s local council elections.

Results for all 11 wards have been announced today at Springwood Park in Kelso.

Returning Officer Netta Meadows

 "I’m pleased that we've carried out an accurate and efficient count, one in which the public and candidates can have confidence in.

"I would like to thank our incredibly hard working staff, the Border Union Agricultural Society for hosting us at Springwood Park, our IT partner Fujitsu and Police Scotland, thanks to everyone who allowed us to use their premises for polling and everyone else who assisted. 

“I’d also like to welcome all 34 elected members to the Scottish Borders Council.”

The 34 elected members are as follows:

Tweeddale West
Elected – Viv Thomson SNP; Drummond Begg LD; Eric Small CON
Turnout – 57.4%

Tweeddale East
Elected – Marshall Neil Douglas SNP; Julie Pirone CON; Robin Tatler IND
Turnout – 54%

Galashiels and District
Elected – Fay Sinclair SNP, Euan Jardine CON, Hannah Steel LD, Neil McKinnon Green
Turnout – 39.5%

Elected – Caroline Cochrane IND, Leagh Douglas CON, Elaine Thornton-Nicol SNP
Turnout – 50.4%

Leaderdale and Melrose
Elected – David Parker IND, Jenny Linehan CON, John Paton Day SNP
Turnout – 51.5%

Mid Berwickshire
Elected - John Greenwell CON, Donald Moffat – SNP, Mark Rowley CON
Turnout – 48.3%

East Berwickshire
Elected – James Anderson INP, Carol Hamilton CON, Aileen Orr SNP
Turnout –47.5%

Kelso and District
Elected – Simon Mountford CON, Euan Macfarlane Robson LD, Tom Weatherston - CON
Turnout – 46.9%

Jedburgh and District
Elected – Pam Brown SNP, Scott Hamilton CON, Sandy Scott CON
Turnout – 49.4 %

Hawick and Denholm
Elected – Stuart Marshall INP, Clair Ramage INP, Neil Richards CON
Turnout – 46%

Hawick and Hermitage
Elected – Watson McAteer INP, Jane Cox CON, Annette Smart SNP
Turnout – 43.5%

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