Taxi fares consultation launches

Published: 25th April 2022

A public consultation into taxi fares in the Borders is now open seeking feedback from both operators and the general public.

Review of taxi fares

As the licensing authority for the region, we are required to set the scales for fares and charges and review them regularly.

The last taxi fare review took place in 2019 and further reviews have been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


It is proposed that taxi rates are increased by 4.6% to reflect rising costs for operators.

Any change in tariffs are based on a formula tracking various motoring cost indicators including vehicle costs and local wage rates which was agreed by trade, the traffic commissioner and the Council in 2009.

Have your say

The public are now able to have their say and are being encouraged to submit their feedback before the consultation deadline of Sunday 15 May.

The consultation can be accessed at