New Council Plan sets out immediate priorities and ambitions for 2022-23

Published: 18th February 2022

Our new Council Plan, setting out key ambitions and priorities for the year ahead, will be considered by elected members at a meeting on Tuesday 22 February

Aims of the plan

The new Plan builds on the refreshed Corporate Plan approved by members in June 2021. As well as taking into account significant developments over the last year, the opportunity has been taken to re-evaluate our priorities and align these with its strategic aims.

The Plan is based on six outcomes that aim to deliver for the Scottish Borders by improving the wellbeing of citizens and making the region a more sustainable and better place to live, work in and to visit, whilst also developing a Council that is as effective and efficient as it can be to help support those aims.

Responding to immediate challenges 

The Council Plan also identifies how we will respond to immediate challenges, including building for a clean, green future by tackling climate change and enhancing the local natural environment for the benefit of future generations.

As set out in last year’s Climate Change Route Map, reducing our carbon footprint by promoting more sustainable practices is a strategic priority to ensure the Scottish Borders meets a target of becoming ‘net zero’ by 2045.

An eye on the future 

Additionally, looking to the future, the Plan makes a strong commitment to improving the educational attainment of disadvantaged children to ensure they are able to access opportunities to fulfil their potential.

Communities and citizens are at the heart of what we want to deliver and the year ahead will see a strong focus on working with communities and citizens across the region to ensure that ‘local’ priorities shape the Council Plan as it continues to develop.

View the plan in full

Our updated Council Plan can be viewed online.

Councillor Mark Rowley, Leader

“The updated Council Plan establishes the strategic ambition of the Council, ensuring we remain relevant and focussed on directing our activities effectively to enable us to address the most pressing issues we face.

“It allows us to refresh our thinking and commitments and ensure we are as responsive as possible and successfully meet future challenges and grasp future opportunities. By setting out clear milestones and desired outcomes, we will put ourselves in the best position to make those changes a reality.

“This Plan places a firm eye on the future as we consider how we as a Council can work to deliver better results for our residents and improve the region. 

“This requires everyone to play their part, from the Council delivering services effectively and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, to volunteers supporting communities throughout the Borders and residents seeking to reduce their waste and putting the right things in the right bins.”