More time for you to have your say on Council budget and priorities

Published: 28th January 2022

Magnifying glass over a 3D word "budget"

We have extended the closing date for our ongoing budget survey to allow even more Borderers the chance to have their say

The survey, which was launched in early December, was due to close on 30 January, but this has been extended by a week to 6 February.

The online survey and further information about our budget can be found on our website.

Councillor Mark Rowley, Leader

“I’d like to thank the 627 people that have given us their views already through the survey, sharing their opinions on matters ranging from Council Tax to how we should prioritise our spending across areas such as education and roads.

“In the past week we’ve received almost 150 responses so we’ve taken the decision to extend the closing date to give everyone that’s not taken part so far just a little more time to do so.

“The feedback we are receiving is invaluable as we plan our budget for next year and look at how we prioritise and tackle various challenges over the years ahead. The more responses we receive to the survey the better.

“Finally, I would like to strongly encourage younger generations to take a few moments and share your views as ultimately, you are the future of the Scottish Borders.”