Local development plan

Local development plan - proposed

We have approved our Proposed Local Development Plan (LDP) which sets out land use proposals and planning policies which are intended to guide development and inform planning decisions within the Scottish Borders over the next ten years. The representation period in relation to the Proposed Local Development Plan closed on 25 January 2021.

The Proposed LDP comprises the policies in Volume one and settlement profiles in Volume two.

On 10 March 2022 we agreed officer responses to the representations received during the representation period of the Proposed Local Development Plan. We will now be taking steps to take the Proposed Local Development Plan forward for Examination. 

Download the representations received in relation to the Proposed Local Development Plan. The representations have been redacted to remove some personal details and/or sensitive information.

7 July 2023 Update: The Report of Examination in to our Proposed Local Development Plan was published on 7 July 2023 by the Scottish Government’s Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA). The Reporters Report recommends a number of modifications to the Proposed Plan.

The Report of Examination and summary table are available to view on the DPEA website.

18 September Update: A report is being presented to Council on 28 September 2023. The report will present the modifications arising from the Examination Report on the Scottish Borders Local Development Plan. Council agreement is being sought for the proposed modifications and, therefore, to take the Plan as amended forward to formal adoption. An update to the Habitats Regulations Appraisal and Environment Report have been undertaken in light of the modifications. 

Introductory video  

Below is a short introductory video relating to the LDP which sets out the background, process and provides further details of the representation period (which has now closed).

Story map

A more detailed story map provides an overview of the LDP and it includes access to an interactive map which allows the allocated sites within the LDP to be viewed spatially. Alternatively you can go directly to the interactive map

Please note to view the story map this requires an up to date browser. If you get an error message please update to the latest versions:

Netherbarns/Abbotsford House

Due to many queries received and misunderstandings regarding the Netherbarns proposal, a summary map showing its relationship to Abbotsford House is available to view.

Privacy Notice

If you would like to see how we use or process any data you submit, you can download our Privacy Notice.

Strategic Environmental Assessment

A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) has been prepared which identifies and evaluates any likely significant effects on the environment and any necessary mitigation measures.

More information

If you have any questions relating to the Proposed LDP please phone the Forward Planning Team on 01835 825010.

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