EU Referendum result

On Thursday 23 June 2016, there was a Referendum on whether the United Kingdom will remain in or leave the European Union.

For this Referendum voters received a ballot paper with the question ‘Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?'

Voters chose one of two options:

  • Remain a member of the European Union
  • Leave the European Union

Turnout for the Scottish Borders area

Total electorate eligible to vote was 88,440.

The turnout was 73.4 per cent (64,953).

The Scottish Borders area result

The Scottish Borders area voted to remain in the European Union.

The Scottish Borders totals


58.47 per cent (37,952 votes)


41.53 pe cent (26,962 votes)

Rejected papers

Reason for rejection

  • For want of an official mark: 0
  • Voting in favour of both answers: 14
  • Writing or mark by which voter could be identified: 0
  • Unmarked or void for uncertainty: 25

Total rejected papers was 39.

UK result

The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union.

See BBC website for full EU Referendum results.