Plans and guidance overview

Our plans set out our planning policies, land use allocations, and our strategic vision for development and transportation within the Scottish Borders. Our plans are key considerations when we make decisions on planning applications.

Current plans

Planning policies for the Scottish Borders are set out in the development plan, which currently comprises:

  • Local Development Plan - our LDP was adopted in May 2016 and covers the whole of the Scottish Borders. Commonly referred to as the Local Plan, it provides most local planning policies.
  • Strategic Development Plan - produced by SESplan and sets out a long term strategic vision for the development of south east Scotland.
  • National Planning Framework - produced by the Scottish Government and sets out their long term development priorities for Scotland as a whole.

Plans in preparation

Live consultations

We are carrying out a Call for Sites as part of the preparation for the MIR. The MIR is a front runner to the new LDP2 and its purpose is to set out the key planning issues for discussion within the Scottish Borders, including consideration of sites submitted via the Call for Sites process. All Call for Sites submissions must be returned by 7 August 2017. 

Planning Guidance and Briefs

Planning guidance and planning briefs complement our Local Development Plan.  Planning guidance documents provide more detailed guidance on specific policy topic areas whilst planning briefs set out the broad vision and requirements for the development of a particular site or collection of sites.

Strategic Environmental Assessment

All of our plans and guidance go through the strategic environmental assessment (SEA) process. Copies of all our screening and environmental reports are available at the Scottish Government's SEA database.