Money to stay on at school or college

What is an education maintenance allowance?

You could receive payment if you are aged 16 and over and are at school or college, if you meet the eligibility criteria. Young people who have signed up to an Activity Agreement and are engaging in 9 hours or more a week can also apply.

Applications are available from your school as normal or you can download the form.

EMA payments

  • Education maintenance allowance is paid every fortnight direct to your bank account.
  • It is designed to encourage you to further your education after compulsory schooling ends.
  • EMA payments are dependent on your attendance at school or college.
  • EMA is not paid during school holidays or when your attendance is below 100 per cent.
  • EMA is managed by us on behalf of the Scottish Government which has ultimate responsibility for policy and guidelines and reserves the right to review the programme at any time.
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