Charges, Valuations and Appeals

Appeals and queries


If you think you have been incorrectly charged, and it has nothing to do with the valuation of your property, you may appeal in writing within 28 days of receiving your bill to the:

Director - Resilient Communities
Council Headquarters
Newtown St Boswells

If you do not agree with the Rateable Value assigned to your property, you need to appeal this with the Assessor.

An owner or occupier can appeal against the valuation. An appeal must be in writing to the Assessor, and can be made under one of three categories:

  1. within six months of the date of issue of a Valuation Notice showing a new or revised valuation
  2. within six months of becoming proprietor, tenant or occupier
  3. at any time provided a material change of circumstances has occurred which has affected the value of the property (it has been altered in some way like part demolished, or something has happened which would reduce the rent a tenant would be willing to pay)

If appeals cannot be resolved by negotiation, the matter will be heard by the Valuation Appeal Committee.

All appeals must be made in writing to:

Assessors and Electoral Registration Officer
Scottish Borders Council
Newtown St Boswells


If you have a query about your business rates please contact Customer Advice and Support Services online or 0300 100 1800.

All questions about the rateable value of your property should be directed to the Assessor online or 01835 825100.