Health and social care integration

Complaints about the Integrated Joint Board

You can make a complaint about the Scottish Borders Integrated Joint Board’s (IJB):

  • IJB action
  • IJB lack of action
  • IJB standard of service

Integrated Joint Board complaints

A complaint could be made about:

  • IJB‘s policies
  • IJB’s decisions
  • The administrative or decision –making processes followed by the IJB in coming to a decision

Complaints provide us with valuable information that we can use in terms of how we fulfil our responsibilities.

Our aim is to resolve any problems and prevent the same problem happening again. It will help us to improve how we do our work by learning from complaints.

Complaints about Health or Social Work Adult Services

If your complaint is directly related to either our Health or Social Work Adult Services you will need to make your complaint directly to:

Contact us

If you have any comments, suggestions or wish to make a complaint to the Scottish Borders Integration Joint Board, contact our Customer Service team or NHS Borders:

NHS Borders Feedback and Complaints Team    
Borders General Hospital         

Tel: 01896 826719                                                  

email: [email protected]          

Download IJB Complaints Handling Procedure