Health and social care integration

Frequently asked questions

Integration Joint Board 

What is the Integration Joint Board (IJB)?

The IJB commissions health and social care services in the Scottish Borders. The Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) is tasked with delivering the services the IJB commissions in line with the Strategic Plan for Health and Social Care.

Why do we have an IJB?

The IJB is a requirement in the Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014 that states that health boards and local authorities must integrate their adult health and social care services. The IJB replaced the Community Health Partnerships.

Who sits on the IJB?

There is equal representation on the Board from councillors and NHS non executive directors (five each) as well as non voting professionals from the NHS, ourselves, Third Sector and service users who provide support and advice.  

Is the IJB responsible for delivering services?

No, the IJB commissions services in line with the strategic plan. Key partners, including ourselves, NHS Borders and the Third and Independent sectors are responsible and accountable to the IJB for delivering the services that the IJB commissions.

What is the Scheme of Integration?

The Scheme is a part of the Code of Governance and it describes how the new Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014 will be applied in the Scottish Borders. The Act requires health boards and local authorities to integrate planning for and delivery of certain adult and health and social care services. You can download a copy of the Health and Social Care Integration Scheme Refresh 2022 and appendices from our website. 

Health and Social Care Partnership

What is the Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP)?

The HSCP is the general term referring to the organisations that deliver health and social care services in the Scottish Borders. NHS Borders and ourselves are the two largest organisations. The Third and Independent sectors are also members of the Partnership.

Does the HSCP employ staff?

No, the Partnership itself does not employ staff. Staff remain employed by their existing organisations.

Their terms and conditions remain the same but there may be some changes to how, where and with whom they work.

What is the overall goal that we are working towards?

The overall goal is that all people have a positive experience of health and social care services. Services will be planned and delivered in ways that are joined-up and person-centred.

Will there be changes as a result of the HSCP?

Yes, the Partnership’s ultimate aim is to shift resources from institutional care to community care. It will also work to ensure continuous improvement of services and the best use of available resources.

As the overall aim is to provide better services for the people of the Borders so there are likely to be some changes in how services are delivered e.g. we are exploring opportunities for integrating and co-locating health and social care teams and developing new models of care.

What do these new arrangements mean for health and social care budgets?

The IJB has responsibility for the planning, resourcing and operational delivery of all integrated services and it commissions a range of existing and new services from NHS Borders and ourselves in line with the HSCP's Strategic Plan, and aligns its budget accordingly with the commitments it makes.

Will there be a system for sharing information between the two organisations?

We are working with NHS Borders towards a more integrated information system.

Will there be any additional resources available?

Some additional funding has been made available to support change and innovation. Other pressures such as meeting new demands and the introduction of the living wage have been met through social care funding. However, a key aim of the legislation is to enable the HSCP to use scarce resources in as effective a way as possible while ensuring that people’s needs continue to be met.

Collaboration with other partners within health and social care

What is the role of GP’s?

GPs have a vital role to play in Integration and are represented on both the IJB and the Strategic Planning Group (SPG). 

How are the Third and Independent Sectors be involved?

The Third and Independent Sectors are key partners in planning, reviewing and delivering services and their involvement needs to be maximised; the statutory sector cannot deliver everything. There are sector representatives on both the IJB and our SPG.

Information and communications

How can local communities find out what is happening?

Information is provided through our website and social media channels, the NHS website and local media. 

Where can staff get more information?

The best person to ask is your line manager. They should be up to date with the latest developments through their networks and the meetings they attend. Information is also provided through your organisation's general communications channels.