Resilient communities

Local community councils and individuals who are prepared and able to respond effectively, can deal with local issues, such as:

  • clearing snow from pathways and community facilities
  • placing sandbags in risk areas to prevent flooding
  • delivering supplies during severe weather if you have a suitable vehicle
  • provide hot meals and assistance within community centres and village halls

Contact your local community council if you think you can help or want to find out more.

Scottish Borders Climate Resilient Communities project

A project which aims to help communities most disadvantaged by climate change in the Borders is currently taking place.

The Scottish Borders Climate Resilient Communities project is one of two in the UK to be funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation climate change and communities programme.

What will the project aim to achieve?

The scheme will aim to help us work alongside local resilience community groups, with Hawick, Newcastleton and Peebles chosen to take part in the 16 month programme.

Why these communities?

Hawick and Peebles were chosen because of major flooding events in past years and the existing community groups focussed on flooding resilience.

Newcastleton has also experienced flooding in recent years and was also picked due to its remote rural area. However, it currently does not have an active community resilience group.

The £100,000 project involves us working alongside other key partners:

Workshop report

A report on the third Peebles workshop is now available.


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