Modern Apprenticeships

MA forum

We have a large number of modern apprentices (MA's) working in all departments across the Borders. We feel that offering a forum will provide an opportunity to bring all the MA's together to network, learn more about the Council and enhance their personal development.

The benefits will be: 

  • Bring MA’s together and show the large number of MA roles within the Council
  • Highlight the key themes, concerns and issues from MA’s
  • MA’s given a chance to exchange ideas to help each other and to share similar experiences
  • Allows an opportunity for MA’s to learn more about SBC than just the department they work in and promote a sense of belonging
  • Networking opportunity, allows MA’s to meet others who may be able to help them with future tasks or projects 
  • Taking part in meetings which not all MA’s will the get the opportunity to do
  • Top tips to keep motivated during working from home
  • Learn Effective ways to manage workload and priorities whilst completing qualifications

Who would be involved in the group?

All current MA's will be invited to the sessions. There would also be relevant speakers who will give a presentation on specific topics and a Q&A session will follow, speakers will come from various departments within SBC. Georgia Leckie (Human Resources) and Lacey Morrison (Employment Support), both previous MA’s, will facilitate and organise these meetings. 

When would sessions take place? 

The sessions will take place every 6-8 weeks and will last for an hour. 

Where would sessions take place?

Giving the current restrictions and the majority of Council services now being delivered from home. Georgia and Lacey will facilitate these meetings via Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is available to use via a smartphone, iPad or laptop. This should ensure that all MA’s will have full access to participate and attend these meetings.

How would each session be structured?

The first meeting would be an introduction session where all MA’s will meet, introduce and set goals for what they would like to achieve and gain from the session. All forums will have and follow an agenda to highlight what each forum with entail. All agenda’s will be sent out along with forum request and link to join Microsoft Teams prior to the meeting date. 


  • Session 1: Introduction and First meet and Social Media/Codes of Conduct Tuesday 11 May  10am-11am
  • Session 2: Budgeting and Wellbeing Tuesday 15 June 2021 10am-11am
  • Session 3: SVQ’s, gathering of evidence, portfolio building Tuesday 10 August 2021 10am-11am
  • Session 4: Equality and Diversity Tuesday 5 October 2021 10am-11am
  • Session 5: Blast from the past Tuesday 30 November 2021  10am-11am
Should you wish to get in touch with Georgia or Lacey, for more information or any question please contact them on:
  • Georgia Leckie -
  • Lacey Morrison -