Modern Apprenticeships

Case study - Georgia Leckie HR Assistant MA

Why did you choose to do a modern apprenticeship?

"I started off at SBC as a Clerical Assistant working within the Human Resources Case Management Team. I learnt more than you could ever imagine as a Clerical and I am thankful for this as it helped me map out my future and what I wanted to do. This was to pursue a career in Human Resources. As my contract ended, I was desperate to stay in the department and a post was advertised for a Modern Apprentice in HR. I knew this was my chance to grab my future, so I applied and was successful. I did wonder how on earth I would manage to go back to studying again but when it is a career you want to pursue nothing will stop you. I am so thankful for the team I have around me and also the amount of experience I have managed to get under my belt. SBC are also very passionate about growing their own, so I knew I would be supported in every way possible."

What advice would you give to someone considering a modern apprenticeship?

"If you leave school with no idea what you want to do and university does not appeal to you, this is the avenue to go down. I never wanted to go to university, it was never something I wanted to do. I couldn’t see myself doing further education either but when I was offered the opportunity to complete my CIPD Level 3 in Human Resource Practice, I could not turn it down. It is the best thing I have ever done, and the best part is my career is only beginning. You are not alone in studying, there is so much support there for you whenever you need it. The best bit is you get on the job training to help you with your studying as well, which is my preferred method to learn."

Where do you see yourself in five years?

"I would like to have undertaken and completed more qualifications in Human Resources through personal development and hopefully be in a Human Resources Advisor role, pursuing my dream job."

How did COVID-19 affect your modern apprenticeship?

"Like many people, the pandemic affected me in many different ways, however in terms of my studies it made me even more determined to get my assignments completed. I still have the support from my team and tutors whenever I needed it, granted this was over the phone and not face to face. However, my course was all online learning anyway so I was not really affected in that aspect. I do think it has made me step up to use my knowledge to help support my team and the HR department as a whole to get through the pandemic."

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