Registering a death

You will need to make an appointment which you can do by phoning 0300 100 1800 or visiting any contact centre or library contact centre.

A death must be registered within eight days of the date of death.

Who can register?

A relative, family friend or person with knowledge of the details required (information on the deceased’s birth and/or marriage certificate for all marriages).

Documents to take to the Registrar's office

You will be given a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death, Form 11 by a Doctor or Medical staff and you must bring this with you to your appointment at the Registrar's Office.

It is also helpful to bring:

  • birth and marriage or civil partnership certificate for deceased, if you have them
  • NHS medical card

Tell Us Once is a service we use to notify government departments including Department for Work and Pensions and different services within the council. You tell us which departments apply and we send off notification for you.

To use the service please also bring along these documents, if you have them:

  • national insurance number
  • passport
  • driving licence
  • blue badge

Full details are available on the government website.

Watch the Tell Us Once video which provide more information on how the service works.

Documents issued by the Registrar

  • abbreviated death certificate
  • Form 14 for use for the undertaker
  • form for social security, if the person was on a state pension or benefits

Death Certificate

An abbreviated death certificate will be issued free of charge at the time of registration.


If you require a full extract of a death certificate this will cost £10 per extract within the first month of registration. Thereafter you will be charged £10 per extract plus an additional £5 search fee ie one extract will be £15 and any additional extracts requested at the same time will be £10 each.

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