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Benefit calculator

If you live in the Scottish Borders, you can use our free online Benefit Calculator to check if you are eligible to make a claim for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction. You can also see how much you may be entitled to or check how any changes to your circumstances may affect your entitlement.

Unless you fall in to one of the categories below you will not be eligible to apply for Housing Benefit and will need to apply for Universal Credit.

  • You are of State Pension age
  • You are in supported housing or temporary accommodation
  • You have three or more children

You can use this flowchart to work out whether you should claim Housing Benefit or Universal Credit.

If you apply for Universal Credit you will still need to make a separate claim for Council Tax Reduction.

Start a new  Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction calculation/claim

You can also use any of the below calculators to see which benefits you may be entitled to:

Bedroom entitlement calculator

Our bedroom entitlement calculator is available for you to check how many bedrooms you could receive benefit for.

When will I receive my next Housing Benefit payment?

Housing Benefit is normally paid every four weeks in arrears on a Friday. If you are unsure when your next payment is due please call 0300 100 1800 or visit your local Contact Centre.

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