Report benefit fraud

We are keen to ensure that the services we provide are not abused. Benefit fraud is stealing and we are committed to reducing it - but need your help.

Examples of benefit fraud

  • working but not declaring this when claiming benefit
  • claiming as a single person but actually living with a partner
  • claiming from an address but not living there
  • not telling us the full amount of income, savings or capital when claiming benefit
  • claiming housing benefit or Council Tax reduction when, for any reason, they have no right to claim

Report benefit fraud

If you have any concerns that relate to a fraudulently obtained benefit or a council service that is being abused, you can:

All calls to the fraud hotline are treated in confidence. The calls will be answered in person during office hours. Outside normal office hours you can leave a message.

The fraud referral form is anonymous.

The more information you give us, the more likely the investigation will result in a positive outcome.