Pest control

Pests we do not deal with

We do not treat the following pests:

  • bees
  • bats
  • slugs
  • snails
  • spiders
  • woodworm
  • birds
  • foxes 
  • rabbits


Bees are essential to our environment and they are currently under threat from disease and pesticides. We normally advise they be left alone as they are generally not aggressive. However where bees swarm and possibly invade a house or chimney, help to remove such a swarm may be available from a local bee keeper. Further advice is available from the Bee Keepers Association.


Bats are protected by law and it is illegal to interfere with them. Should you continue to have concerns about bats, further information is available from Scottish Natural Heritage.


Pigeon droppings contain a number of different pathogens and once dry the resultant dust can lead to airborne transmission and potential infection. Those with compromised immune systems are most at risk.

Householders should avoid any direct contact with the faeces and use simple hygiene precautions after touching potentially contaminated materials. Removal of any faeces should be carried out by a professional.

We do not provide pest control services for pigeons. For concerns relating to health issues caused by contact with pigeon faeces please seek medical advice.