Abandoned vehicles

Frequently asked questions

Why can’t I leave my vehicle on the road?

  • a caravan, trailer, horsebox or similar item will likely cause an obstruction if stored on a road
  • it is your responsibility as the owner to identify a suitable off road, off verge location, to store such a vehicle when it is not in use. This also means that such vehicles cannot be stored in public car parks since doing so will again likely cause an obstruction taking up valuable parking space
  • as vehicle ownership increases the pressure on car parking increases

My vehicle has been stored in its current location for some time so why are you now asking me to move it?

We are responding to a number of recent complaints from members of the public about caravans, trailers, horseboxes and other items which are causing an obstruction.

Regardless of how long a vehicle has been in stored in its current location, we will now require its removal where we consider it to be causing an obstruction.

What if I don’t comply with your notice to remove?

  • if a notice of removal is attached to your vehicle, then you are required to remove it within seven days. If you fail to do this we will arrange its removal
  • we will store the item for a maximum of 28 days but thereafter may dispose of your vehicle
  • if we have to remove and store a vehicle, we shall pursue the owner for the reasonable costs of this removal, storage and disposal
  • please note that moving your vehicle to another section of the road or another car park is not sufficient. You are required to store it off road

Do you have the right to tow away my trailer, caravan or horsebox?

Yes, under Section 59 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 we, as Roads Authority, have powers to remove any item deemed to be causing an obstruction on the road. Failure to comply with a notice to remove is punishable on conviction by a maximum fine of £200.

What if you damage my vehicle when they remove it?

We will not be held liable for any damage to your vehicle. We will arrange to have it winched onto a low loader and transported to a compound.

We will take as much care with the removal as practicable.

What if the contents of my caravan, trailer or horsebox are damaged?

We will not be held responsible for any damage to your vehicle’s contents.

You have towed away my vehicle, how do I get it back?

Please contact the named person on the notice and you will be informed of the costs incurred:

  • £150 for removal
  • £20 per day of storage

I don’t want my vehicle back, but I want the contents back. How do I arrange that?

Please contact the named person on the notice to arrange a suitable time to visit the compound and discuss this. Please note you will still be required to pay the reasonable costs of the removal and storage.