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The Housing Needs and Aspirations of Young People

The Housing Needs and Aspirations of Young People is a five year action plan for the Scottish Borders. The development of the plan has involved a multi-method approach to establish the housing needs and aspirations of young people. A wide range of engagement with young people and stakeholders took place throughout 2018.

Four priorities and outcomes have been developed as part of the action plan:

•Priority 1: A holistic strategic approach for jobs, housing and transport
-Outcome 1: Community planning partners take a holistic and strategic approach to the skills and employment, housing and transport needs of young people in the Scottish Borders

•Priority 2: Increasing housing choice and options
-Outcome 2: Young people are able to access a range of different housing options which enable continued skills development and access to employment in the Scottish Borders

•Priority 3: Meeting the needs of vulnerable young people
-Outcome 3: Young people are able to access a range of housing information, advice and support to enable independent living

•Priority 4: Monitoring and review of the Action Plan
-Outcome 4: The housing needs of young people are understood and services implemented in the context of a wider Local Housing Strategy and the Integrated Children and Young People’s Plan
Download the Young People's Housing Needs Action Plan
Download Appendix 1 - Young People Housing Need and Demand Analysis
Download Appendix 2 - Young People's Survey Findings
Download Appendix 3 - Qualitative Study of Young People in Schools
Download Appendix 4 - Stakeholder Consultation Findings
Download Appendix 5 - Interim Report - Key Findings Oct 2018
Download Appendix 6 - Equality Impact Assessment (Stage 1)