Child protection


What information should I tell you?

It will help us to decide what to do next if you can:

  • give us as much information as you can about the person you're worried about and their family or carers
  • describe what it is that concerns you
  • tell us anything else that we should be aware of, for example other children in the family or if the adult lives alone

To make sure the person you're worried about gets the help they need quickly, phone us 01896 662787.

What happens once I've told you my concerns?

  • we'll always take your concern seriously
  • if the person is at serious risk, we'll take immediate action
  • we'll gather more information from others who may know the person. This will help us to assess the level of risk and how best to respond
  • if the person you're worried about is an adult, we'll need to contact them directly. We'll do this sensitively and if we can, involve someone they trust

What action can you take?

  • we can provide advice, support and help to the family or the person who is at risk of harm
  • we may carry out a police and social work investigation into the concerns
  • we can provide services such as help with childcare, home care, carer support or, if necessary, ask another agency to provide this help
  • we'll record your concern after an initial assessment but may take no further action at the time. Your information might help us to build up a picture of the person if further concerns are raised later

What if it turns out my worries have no basis?

  • it's OK. You were worried and we checked it out. You had the person's best interests uppermost when you contacted us
  • your information may still be important at a later date
  • if you continue to be worried about the person, or have a new concern, please contact us again. Your information will be dealt with sensitively and confidentially

Will I find out what happens to the person I'm concerned about?

We'll take any necessary action to keep the person safe. However, we won't be able to tell you the actions we might take because of the person's right to confidentiality.

What should I do if I'm being harmed or at risk of harm?

  • phone: 01896 662787
  • out of office hours: 01896 752111
  • if you are in immediate danger, call the Police on 999 without delay