Community care grant and crisis grant

Crisis grant

A Crisis Grant is a sum of money given by the Scottish Welfare Fund which can help you cover the costs of a crisis. The grant is tax free and you don’t have to pay it back.

A Crisis Grant is something you need:

  • in an emergency
  • because of disaster

Examples of this could include if:

  • you need help to get food, nappies or essential toiletries
  • you need help with heating costs
  • there has been a fire or flood at home
  • you are a victim of domestic abuse and need help moving away from an abuser
  • you’ve unexpectedly lost income because of redundancy or a change at work
  • you’ve lost money or you've had money stolen

In addition, the help you need must be:

  • not available from anywhere else, and
  • the only way to stop serious damage to you or your family's health and safety

If you have made a claim for a Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) benefit and you have not received a payment yet, before applying for a Crisis Grant you should apply for a:

How to apply

You can:

  • contact us on the details below to book a telephone appointment with the Scottish Welfare Fund team and you will be offered the first available appointment
  • apply online

We will make a decision on a Crisis Grant application as soon as possible. This will be by the end of the next working day after you apply.

If your application is successful and you have access to a mobile phone, a voucher will be sent by text. This can be redeemed anywhere that displays the pay point sign.

If you don’t have access to a mobile phone the assessor will arrange an alternative payment method.

If your application is unsuccessful and you don’t agree with our decision you can request a review.

What happens if we are closed?

If you are in an emergency situation you should contact the Social Work out of hours service on 01896 752111.

Download the Crisis Grant application form

Customer Advice and Support Service

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