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Dog fouling

Green dog walkers

cartoon dog walking away leaving pawprints

Green dog walkers (GDW) is a non-confrontational, friendly way to change attitudes about dog fouling in the Scottish Borders. Volunteers wear a GDW accessory to show they have “taken the pledge” to always:

  • Clean up after their dog
  • Carry extra dog poo bags
  • Be happy to be approached to give a dog poo bag to those without
  • Be a friendly reminder to other dog walkers to clean up after their dogs

Green dog walkers licence

GDW was patented and trademarked by Falkirk Council. They have more than 1000 volunteers in their area, 3,000 pledgers throughout the UK and Ireland, as well as 24 local community group partners who are managing their own schemes within their neighbourhoods.

We are one of twenty local authorities who have purchased a GDW Licence giving access to trademarked artwork, supportive information and guidelines on how to set up and run successful community campaigns.

How can I become a green dog walker?

To become a green dog walker you can:

Green dog walker accessories

The following accessories are available to purchase:

  • kid's armbands - £2.16
  • adult's armbands - £3.24
  • dog collars (small) - £2.04
  • dog collars (medium) - £2.52
  • dog lead sleeves - £3.54

Starter Pack

You can:

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  1. Report a dog fouling problem
  2. Green dog walkers (current page)
  3. Dog fouling FAQs


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