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Budget 2014-19

Financial Plans for 2014/15

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We agreed our 5 year revenue budget and 10 year capital plan on the 6 February 2014 to deliver our corporate priorities.

Budget overview

  • The revenue budget will spend £252m on Council services in 2014/15 and £1.263 billion over the next five years to 2018/19.
  • This balanced budget has managed to maintain most services with continuing financial pressures.
  • The capital plan will invest £271m over the next 10 years to 2023/24 an increase of £80m on previously published plans.
  • This sees significant additional investment in roads, schools, flood protection, community infrastructure, IT and regeneration projects.

The revenue budget proposals agreed over the next five years of £24.927m will help the Council meet its forecast shortfall of £27.1m.

The proposals and estimated savings include:

  • a programme to transform services (£17.865m savings)
  • efficiencies from delivering services differently (£5.549m savings)
  • a reduction in services that we deliver (£0.696m savings)
  • increased income by reviewing charges (£0.817m savings

View the full Financial Plans and the Administration's proposals that were agreed by Council on 6 February 2014.

Budget consultation

  • We consulted on our revenue budget through the budget simulator that we launched in October and agreed budget proposals for consultation in December.
  • People asked for extra spending on things like schools, infrastructure and older people's services and that's exactly what we're proposing.

Find out what you said and how we responded.

Comments on the financial plans

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