Information for hosts

Before you register

We’re required by the government to carry out a series of check on sponsors and their households to prioritise the safety of guests arriving from Ukraine.

We understand there’s an urgent requirement to support people in Ukraine, but the sponsor schemes don’t replace and can’t conflict with our overarching statutory duties to adult and child protection and keeping people safe.

This page provides an overview of the process including what happens after you’ve registered and been matched with a Ukrainian guest or guests. 

National information and guidance

You may also find the following information helpful in relation to your decision to register as a sponsor: 

Register as a sponsor

To become a sponsor, and to qualify for any payments and support, you must register on the Homes for Ukraine website, managed and run by the UK government.

You must be prepared for us to carry out security and criminal record checks on:

  • you, and your spouse or partner if they live with you
  • other members of your household over 16 if your guests will live in your home with you
  • any other joint owners of the property your guests will live if it's self-contained

We'll also need to assess the property to meet basic minimum criteria, and you'll need to be able to host your guests for a minimum of six months.

Check with your mortgage and home insurance providers that you won’t be breaking their terms and conditions. Read information about this from the Association of British Insurers.

If you rent, you must have permission from the property owner/landlord, and they in turn will need to ensure that by providing permission it does not break the terms of their insurance.

You should give careful thought to your ability to:

  • provide a safe environment
  • cope with young people and children, if offering to host families
  • host people who have suffered hardship and trauma

You should also consider if the location of your accommodation is suitable in terms of easy access to services, for example, public transport, schools and shops.

What else you need to think about

You need to be prepared to support your guests, to get them set up and settled into life in the Borders. You can find information about what this might involve on our website.

This will be a big commitment, so think very carefully about this before you register.

Council Tax

If you have a discount on your Council Tax account, this won’t be affected if your guest lives with you in your home.  If you provide them with a self-contained property for their sole use, the property will be exempt from Council Tax. 

If your guests have entered under the Homes for Ukraine or Scottish Super Sponsor scheme you do not need to do anything further.  If they have come under the Ukraine Family Visa Scheme you must complete this form

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction

The £350 monthly thank you payment will be disregarded from your income calculation if you receive housing benefit and/or council tax reduction.

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