Young carers

Young carers are people, under the age of 18 years, who are providing care and support to parents, siblings, or other family members who have a physical or learning disability, illness, mental health difficulty, sensory impairment or who misuse drugs and alcohol.

Young carers carry out significant caring tasks and assume a level of responsibility for themselves and/or another person which would be taken on by an adult. 

Some of the most common care tasks you may provide are:

  • shopping
  • help with moving around
  • giving medication
  • help to dress, shower or wash
  • offering emotional support.

Some people start giving care at a very young age and don't really realise they're carers. Other young people become carers overnight. If someone in your family needs to be looked after, you may really want to help them. You may also want to talk about this and how you and the person you care for can get some support.

How to get help

Talk to someone at your school such as a teacher or guidance teacher, school nurse, a social worker or Action for Children - Scottish Borders CHIMES service. This is a conversation to look at what is important to you and how to make this work, which may lead to a young carers statement that is individual to you.

We will listen to your views on services that will help you care.