Education outwith school

Some children require flexible support when learning and we are committed to ensuring that these pupils are supported through their time in education.

Home education

Education is mainly carried out in our schools but you may choose to educate your children at home. You should contact the head teacher of your school to put your request in writing.

We acknowledge your rights to home educate. All requests will be dealt with fairly and consistently.

We would expect home education to meet the following principles.

That every child:

  • has the opportunity to develop as a successful learner, effective contributor, confident individual and responsible citizen
  • knows they are valued and supported
  • has the opportunity to develop a range of knowledge and skills
  • finds learning relevant and meaningful
  • is challenged and engaged by their learning

If a child has attended one of our public schools then parents must seek consent from us to home educate.

Consent is not required, but it is requested that you inform us if:

  • a child has never attended a public school
  • a child has never attended one of our public schools
  • a child is being withdrawn from an independent school
  • a child has finished primary education and has not started secondary education
  • the school the child has been attending is closed

Traveller education

We aim to promote inclusive approaches for educating children from travelling communities through:

  • providing information and advice to travelling families
  • listening to and being aware of the needs and requests of traveller families and children
  • supporting travelling families to access schooling in the local area
  • promoting approaches within our schools and communities which address equality and diversity issues

Home tuition

Where children are absent from school due to ill health over a protracted period, we will work with families to assess learning needs and devise an appropriate learning programme.

Contact your school for help and advice.