Planning an event

The Borders hosts events all year round, from large-scale international events such as the Melrose 7s and the Borders Book Festival, as well as community and outdoor events such as, the 'Borderer Gaitherin' and Tweedlove.

Advice and guidance

If you are planning an event in the Scottish Borders we can provide assistance, see our eventful guide or contact Economic Development online or phone us on 01835 826778.

Eventful guide

As every event is different, the pack has been designed to question your planning. It provides contacts for local people and organisations that will be able to guide and advise you on specific topics and check lists to assist with your event planning.

The advice in the Eventful guide is split into six sections covering:

Event management and development

  • strategic lanning
  • event planning and scheduling
  • development and ideas
  • event management plan and delivery on the day
  • event planning and marketing

Safe and legal - four step approach

  • rssential arrangements and contacts
  • risk assessment and risk management process
  • draw up an event plan and useful information
  • pre-event checklist and event site inspections

Event marketing - compiling copy 

  • advertising
  • publicity material
  • publicity explained
  • copywriting
  • press release
  • clear print guidelines
  • CRM and emarketing
  • design and print guide
  • Scottish Borders Branding
  • print distribution
  • proactive PR

Event marketing - listings and guides 

  • listings guides
  • media contacts
  • free publicity
  • news coverage (update coming soon)

Social media marketing

  • making the most of social media
  • targeting your message
  • making your website for everyone
  • web site design
  • writing for the web


  • introduction to fundraising
  • introduction to sponsorship
  • managing your money
  • money and budgets